Dreamgirls: Sparks.
FX Coordinator: Donald Frazee
Dreamgirls: smoke atmosphere
Pirates of the Caribbean: cannons and fog. FX Coord: Terry Frazee
POTC: cannons
POTC: beach attack
POTC: sinking ship
POTC: spinning rig
POTC: zip line
Game: pipe ramp
Nearing Grace: Molotov cocktail. Thanks to Bill Boggs
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde: stunt cop.
Stunt Coord: Eric Chen
The Sasquatch Gang: stunt driver
The Sasquatch Gang: stunt doubling
The Sasquatch Gang: stunt driving
Lies & Illusions: car flip
Lies & Illusions: car cannon results
Sniper 2: tank attack on a man
Sniper 2: van explosion
Juncture: testing the pipe ramp and the car. FX Coord: Bill Boggs
Juncture: remote control 1984 Cadillac
Juncture: testing the car with Jim driving from the hood
Juncture: FX crew and remote control car.
Behind the Mask: barn fire. Thanks to Bill Boggs and Carly Sertic.
Behind the Mask: barn fire
Motor Sports Driving Academy: instructing a Pinto driver
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