Stunts Gallery Home Special FX Links In all honesty, Kai has actually been doing stunts since he was a child (right). Above: Kai on the Alaska bus set on Into the Wild. See Kai’s film credits on the Internet Movie Database.
When it comes to film and television, if you can crash it, burn it, blow it up or smoke it out, Kai Shelton has the experience, expertise and equipment to get it done safely! Working in Special FX and Stunts since 1990, Kai has done it all - from mechanical and pyrotechnic effects on Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl to stunt driving for The Sasquatch Gang and Juncture. Kai takes pride in getting the job done safely and practically, while still achieving that “Hollywood” effect on film every time. Below you will find an extensive history of Kai’s experience in the film and television industry.

The Whole Truth, Tucker Drop Out, FX Coordinator
The River Why, FX Tech/Stunts
Without a Paddle 2, Paramount, FX Coordinator
Lie’s & Illusions, FX Coordinator
Game, Lakeshore, FX Tech
Management, FX Coordinator
Meet the Spartans. Fox, FX Tech
Follow The Profit, Red Road Prod., FX/Stunt Coordinator
Untraceable, Lakeshore, FX Tech
Into The Wild, FX Foreman/Stunt Driver
The Feast of Love, Lakeshore, FX Coordinator
Juncture, Stunt Driver
Dreamgirls, Dreamworks, FX Tech
Seraphim Falls, FX day player
Conversations With God, CWG Films, FX Coordinator
Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde, Fantastical Cinema, FX Coordinator/Armorer/Stunts
The Sasquatch Gang, Trigger Street, Stunt Driver
Saurian, Fantastical Cinema, FX Coordinator/Armorer/Stunts
Fun with Dick and Jane, Sony, FX Tech/Welder
Nearing Grace, Whitewater Films, FX Coordinator
The Donut Hole, Donut Hole prod., FX Coordinator
Sideways, FX Tech
Collateral, Paramount, Welder
Thumbsucker, Scared Little Animals, FX Coordinator
The Unknown, WRB Productions, FX Coordinator
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Disney, FX Tech
The Dust Factory, Dust Factory Inc., FX Coordinator
Sniper 2, Sandstorm films, FX Coordinator
The Hunted, FX Tech
Star Trek X Nemesis, Paramount, FX Tech
The One, Revolution Films, FX Tech
Double Take, Disney, FX Tech
Little Nicky, Warner Hollywood, FX Tech
Hobb’s End, Polestar, FX Co-Coordinator
Men of Honor, Fox, FX Tech
Mystery Men, Universal, FX Tech
Star Trek IX The Insurrection,  Paramount, FX Tech
The Postman, Warner Brothers, FX Tech
Dante’s Peak, Universal, FX Tech
Foxfire, Foxfire Prod., FX Tech
Mr. Holland’s Opus, Set Dresser
Maverick, Warner Bros., Painter
The River Wild, Universal, Propmaker / FX Tech
The Brain Smasher, Kings Road, Construction Coordinator 
Sleepless In Seattle, Tri-Star, Propmaker
The Temp, Koch Co., Propmaker
Meatballs 4, Planet  Prod., Art Dept. Leadman TELEVISION

“The Valley of Light,” Hallmark, FX Coordinator
“The Final FU,” MTV 2 Pilot, FX Wire Puller
“The Dark,” WB Pilot, FX Coordinator
“Surrender Dorothy,” Sony TV Movie, FX Coordinator
“Online betting,” Commercial, FX Coordinator
“Charbroil BBQ,” Short sales film, FX Coordinator
“The Orange County,” WB pilot, FX foreman
“Jim Hill for Gov. commercial.” Murphy Putnam, FX Coordinator
“Action Man” Commercial, Directors Film Co./ Hasbro FX Coordinator
“Hollyridge,” Lifetime TV, Art Dept. Leadman
“Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Pilot, FX Tech
“Nowhere Man.” UPN Series,	 FX Foreman
“Dead By Sunset,” MOW, Propmaker
“McKenna,” ABC Series, FX Foreman
“Under Suspicion,” CBS Series, Propmaker / FX 
“Mystery Dance,”	 Lakeside MOW, Set Dresser
“Under Suspicion,” Lakeside Pilot, Painter
“To My Daughter With Love,” NBC MOW,	 Propmaker/ On Set Dresser
“Fade To Black,”	Wilshire Court, On Set Dresser
“Perfect Family,” Wilshire Court, Set Dresser
“Child of Darkness, Child of Light,” Wilshire court, Propmaker/ Stunt assistant
“Fatal Exposure,” Wilshire Court, Set Dresser
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